The UAE Federation Library’s objectives are in line with those of the ECSSR. Both enjoy a unique relationship whereby the Library draws on the ECSSR for its growth and success, while the Library retains a unique character, which sustains its development and ambitions, from which it enjoys special media attention. The Library aspires to achieve a set of goals represented by the following points:

  • To provide Library services to users, staff and researchers from the  local community, and enable them to access the resources of information they need.
  • To provide all holdings, resources of information and services needed by users in an orderly, accessible and practical way.
  • To help Library users to access different resources of information.
  • To provide the most relevant information required for Library users’ research and education needs in the areas of society, security, politics, strategy, military, economics, Sharia and law, information systems, computer technology, and management.
  • To build bridges of cooperation with all higher education and scientific research institutions, inside and outside the UAE.
  • To provide a satisfying and rewarding work environment for all Library employees regardless of position.