Strategic Studies

Challenges and Ethics of the Era of Robots

Robots have become a popular industry that elicits billions of dollars and has a wide global ma... more »

State-Building and Its Impact on the Reality of Arab Nation-States

Authored by: Miloud Amer Hajj

Political science field pays special attention to the subject of state-building due to its utmo... more »

The Development of "the Phenomenon of Terrorism" in Algeria: From the National to Transnational level

Authored by: Mansour Lakhdari

This study monitors the course of the evolution of terrorism in Algeria, and its consequences d... more »

Tourism Investment in Egypt and Arab Countries: Significance, Challenges and Development Vision

Authored by: Mustafa Ahmed Al-Sayed Makawi

This study discusses the challenges facing tourism investment in the Arab countries, and the wa... more »

Moral Awareness and Its Role In the Religious Reform

The study sheds light on the relationship between religion and morals, and questions the validi... more »

Iran's Foreign Policy Under President Hassan Rohani: The Limits of Influence and the Most Important Features

This study attempts to answer the fundamental question: What is the impact of the advent of Has... more »

Arab Communities in the Diaspora: Role and Methods for Enhancement

This study deals with the issue of Arab communities in the diaspora. It examines the history of... more »

Knowledge Management and GCC e-Government Portals

Authored by: Mohammad Ibrahim Hasan Al Subhi

This study explores the importance of knowledge management mechanisms in supporting access to a... more »

UAE’s Foreign Trade Policy in the Context of the WTO Membership

Authored by: Mohammad Obeid Mohammad

The UAE’s foreign trade policy aims to expand the economic base, increase the rate of eco... more »

Economic and Social Situation in Gaza Strip under Israeli Blockade

This Study discusses the repercussions of the Israeli blockade on the economic, social and cult... more »

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