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The main task of the Center'‎s researchers is preparation of political, economic, social, informational, military, and strategic studies research. To this end, all the Center‎'s resources and equipment are made available to researchers. Producing profound analytical studies distinguishes research activity at ECSSR, which strives to extend the scope of its activities to include cooperation with other research and studies centers.

The Center seeks, through its research activities, to achieve the following:

  1. Collecting information and data and placing them at the disposal of researchers and decision makers.

  2. Studying, through methodological means, contemporary issues and determining their implications for the United Arab Emirates, the Arab Gulf region, and the Middle East.

  3. Studying international economic issues that affect the UAE and the Arab Gulf Region, namely: oil, international trade, economic blocs, domestic issues related to economic policies, labor market organization, population structure, and development of national human resources and increasing their contribution to the labor market.

  4. Monitoring and studying the latest political, economic, social, informational, and military issues and developments which might have implications on the local, regional, and international levels for the policies and interests of the UAE and the increasingly strategic Arab Gulf region. This step is followed by drawing the necessary conclusions, making scientific projections, and determining future implications. Such work is in addition to making a list including issues of interest to the UAE on the local, regional, and international levels, arranging them in order of priority, and then forming teams of researchers to investigate them and draw the relevant conclusions.

  5. Conducting futuristic studies based on factual data in order to choose the best policy alternatives in dealing with the events before their occurrence and avoid taking decisions under the pressure of events.

  6. Preparing memoranda and studies which serve as digests or précis for competent bodies such as governmental departments and institutions, research centers, and universities.