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Invitation for Publication

This program aims to attract high-quality academic studies for publication as part of the ECSSR’s research series. The Center invites researchers to submit proposals for studies on topics of relevance to the UAE, the Arabian Gulf region, and the broader Arab World.

For more information on our publications and submission requirements, kindly use the following links:

  • Publication Guidelines: Books
    ECSSRPublication Guidelines: Books
    This section is available in Arabic only!
  • Publication Guidelines: Strategic Studies
    ECSSRPublication Guidelines: Strategic Studies
    This section is available in Arabic only!
  • Publication Guidelines: International Studies
    ECSSRPublication Guidelines: International Studies
    This section is available in Arabic only!
  • Publication Guidelines: Emirates Occasional Papers
     Publication Guidelines: Emirates Occasional Papers
    • Manuscripts submitted for consideration by ECSSR should be addressed to: the Head, Department of Publications, The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, P.O. Box 4567, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. ECSSR reserves the right to copy-edit all contributions. 
    • Submissions should be based on original research and analysis. 
    • Authors will receive an acknowledgment within two weeks of receipt of the manuscript.
    • Manuscripts submitted for consideration should not draw significantly from previously published articles by the writer, nor should they be submitted simultaneously to any other publisher.
    • Manuscripts should be between 10,000 and 16,000 words, endnotes and bibliography included. Submissions should be in duplicate and on a 3.5" computer disk; one of the two copies should have all self reference deleted. Emirates Occasional Papers is not responsible for the return of manuscripts to authors.
    • Manuscripts must include a cover page containing the title; subtitle (if any); author's name, full postal address, a contact fax and telephone number, and e-mail address; acknowledgements (if any); and a 300 word abstract. Current and recent academic and professional affiliations for use in the "About the Author" section should also be supplied, together with a list of major publications (with dates).
    • Endnotes should be marked clearly in the text at a point of punctuation, and listed consecutively at the end of the article, followed by the list of references (ordered alphabetically). Any tables, charts or graphs must be on separate sheets and in camera-ready form. Their preferred placement in the article should be clearly indicated. Appendices should be numbered and grouped at the end of the article.
    • Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission to reproduce copyrighted material from other sources.
    • Authors should refer to the ECSSR Style Sheet for the main points of editorial style. For any other questions, please refer to the Chicago Manual of Style editing guideline (University of Chicago Press). 
      *Summary of Chicago Manual of Style 
    • Since ECSSR publications span a broad readership, authors are urged to write clearly and precisely and to avoid academic or technical "jargon" where possible.
    • Manuscripts are independently and confidentially refereed, a process which normally takes one month. Manuscripts will then be either rejected, accepted on condition of author revisions, or accepted with minor editorial revisions. Authors are required to resubmit revised manuscripts within a one month period. 
    • All rights of published articles, including Arabic translation, are reserved for ECSSR. Responsibility for errors of fact and opinions expressed in the article rests with the author. Authors are not permitted to publish these articles elsewhere without receiving written permission from ECSSR.
    • Five off-prints of the publication will be supplied free of charge to the author. Further off-prints may be ordered; inquiries should be addressed directly to the Distribution Department. 
    • The publisher will do everything possible to ensure prompt publication. It would therefore be appreciated if the manuscripts conformed to the points outlined above. 
    • A substantial honorarium will be provided if the paper has been accepted by the outside referees and once the manuscript has been sent to the printer. 
  • Publication Guidelines: Translated Books
    ECSSRPublication Guidelines: Translated Books
    This section is available in Arabic only!

To submit a research proposal for consideration, authors are invited to either send a short CV and abstract to the Department of Publications (pubdis@ecssr.ae), or fill in one of the application forms below.