International Studies

The Third World, Global Islam and Pragmatism:  The Making of Iranian Foreign Policy

Authored by: Walter Posch

The Islamic Republic of Iran positions itself strategically and ideologically in opposition to ... more »

Eating Better for Less: Effectiveness of Financial Incentives in Modifying Dietary and Grocery Shopping Behavior

Authored by: Ruopeng An

Poor diet quality and physical inactivity are among the most pressing behavior-related health c... more »

Iran’s Nuclear Odyssey

Authored by: Ali Vaez  -  Karim Sadjadpour

After a 56-year odyssey, Iran has become in possession of a local nuclear structure that makes ... more »

Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Foreign Countries: Issues for Congress

Authored by: Paul K. Kerr  -  Mark Holt  -  Mary Beth Nikitin

US exports of nuclear plant components have held steady at modest levels due to the growing cap... more »

Islamist Perspectives on International Relations: The Discourse of Sayyid Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah

Authored by: Sami E. Baroudi

International relations occupy an important space in the discourse of Hussein Fadlallah. He pre... more »

US and Iranian Strategic Competition The Impact of Latin America, Africa, and the Peripheral States

Authored by: Chloe Coughlin-Schulte  -  Brandon Fite

Iran actively pursues cooperation with states on the geographic and strategic periphery of the ... more »

A Deadly Triangle: Afghanistan, Pakistan and India

Authored by: William Dalrymple

The current war in Afghanistan – despite its internal dimension and being portrayed as a ... more »

The Strategic Partnership between South Korea and the United Arab Emirates

Authored by: Niu Song

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) established a strategic partnership with South Korea in 2009 wit... more »

Iran: How Intelligence and Policy Intersect

Authored by: Robert Jervis

Iran is a hard case for intelligence due to the lack of any access to understanding the intenti... more »

The Struggle for Pluralism after the North African Revolutions

Authored by: Anthony Dworkin

The political transitions in North Africa are at a precarious moment. The revolutions in Egypt,... more »

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