Turkey: An Ambitious Strategy and a Constrained Policy - A Geopolitical Approach

Turkey has ambitious visions to become a major regional power with an influence over neighborin... more »

The image of Islam in European Academic Circles: The Model of the Dutch Academic Scholarship

Authored by: Al-Tijani Bu AlAwwali

There is near consensus that the image of Islam in the West is poor. Many scholars and experts ... more »

Turkey and the West: Comparison between European Union and the United States

Authored by: Aqueel Saeed Mahfoud

Since its establishment, the Turkish Republic has considered the West as the only constant from... more »

The European Union and the Palestinian Question

Authored by: Álvaro de Vasconcelos

European public opinion holds that the gravest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is the unwi... more »

West and Russia in the Mediterranean: Towards a Renewed Rivalry

Authored by: Derek Lutterbeck  -  Georgij Engelbrecht

There is a renewed rivalry between Western countries and Russia in the Mediterranean region, ba... more »

Muslims in Europe: Between Integration and Marginalization

Authored by: Hasni Abidi

For some time now, Europe has witnessed heated discussion over the concept of national identity... more »

Arab Immigrants’ Issues in Europe

Authored by: Mustafa Abdel Aziz Morsi

he phenomenon of immigration has contributed to the development of various aspects of human soc... more »

Eurasian Energy Security

Authored by: Jeffrey Mankoff

The cut in supplies of natural gas, partly due to a dispute over prices between Russia and Ukra... more »

European Integration: Origins, Obstacles and Future Challenges

Authored by: Bishara Khader

Europe has witnessed numerous attempts to achieve closer integration. No country has been force... more »

EU–GCC Free Trade Area

Authored by: Sabah Naaoush

This study aims to illustrate the importance of a free trade agreement between the Gulf Coopera... more »

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