UAE Economy & Labor

UAE’s Foreign Trade Policy in the Context of the WTO Membership

Authored by: Mohammad Obeid Mohammad

The UAE’s foreign trade policy aims to expand the economic base, increase the rate of eco... more »

Banking in the Emirates of the Trucial Coast (1945-1971)

Authored by: Ayesha Saeed Al-Qayedi

This book deals with the emergence of modern banking system in the region, historically known a... more »

Sustainable Development: General Framework and Applications, The UAE as a Model

Authored by: Nozad Abdel Rahman Al-Hiti

Today, sustainable development constitutes three elements. These are the economic element, whic... more »

The GCC Countries and the World Trade Organization (WTO)

Authored by: Sabah Naaoush

GCC exports essentially consist of hydrocarbons. Since the principles of world trade liberaliza... more »

An Analysis of Foreign Direct Investment in the United Arab Emirates

Authored by: Sultan Ahmed Al-Jaber

The most significant challenge the UAE currently faces is the switch from the traditional approach... more »

Protection of Individual Shareholders' Rights in the Abu Dhabi Stock Exchange

Authored by: Oday Qasyoor

Concerned authorities in most economies safeguard individual investors and shareholders by passing... more »