Nuclear Proliferation

The Balance of Power in South Asia

The nuclear tests conducted by India and Pakistan in May 1998 have had far-reaching implication... more »

Better Safe than Sorry: The Ironies of Living with the Bomb

Authored by: Michael Krepon

The book discusses a set of issues focused on: strengthening the Non-Proliferation Treaty; Futu... more »

Characteristics of Israel's Nuclear Arsenal and the Building of a New Middle East: A Study of Israel's Prospective Regional and International Role

Authored by: Issam Fahem Al-Ameri

This study focuses on the role of the nuclear factor which can shape the future of the Middle East... more »

United States and the Nuclear Proliferation Crises: Iranian case 2001–2009

Authored by: Ashraf Abd El-Aziz Abd Elqader

The book concludes that the US government’s management of nuclear proliferation crises ha... more »

A Nuclear Iran: What Does It Mean and What Can Be Done? “The Israeli Perspective”

Authored by: Ephraim Kam
Translated by: Tharwat Mohammed Hassan

This is a translation of a study issued in Hebrew by the Institute for National Security Studies (... more »

Iran's Nuclear Program: Realities and Repercussion

Edited By: The ECSSR

International suspicion surrounding Iran's nuclear activities was first aroused in the late 198... more »

An International View on Controlling Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East

Authored by: Mohammed Abdel Moaty Al-Gawish

The US and western countries took a number of initiatives to control the arms race in the Middl... more »