International Cooperation & Integration

China's Role in the Structuring of the International System

Authored by: Abdel Qader Mohammed Fahmy

Observers believe that China's economic achievements would have a clear impact on its external pol... more »

Great Power Diplomacy: The New World Order and The Arab World

Authored by: Adnan Mohammed Al-Hayajneh

The main thrust of this study is on contemporary diplomacy and channels of diplomatic communicatio... more »

Enhancing Peace and Cooperation in West Asia: An Indian Perspective

Authored by: Jasjit Singh

India has a long and deep relationship with the region often referred to as West Asia - the area c... more »

GCC–African Relations: Reality and Future Prospects

Authored by: Mohammad Ashour Mahdi

Despite the deep historical ties between the Gulf region and Africa, and the availability of a ... more »

European Integration: Origins, Obstacles and Future Challenges

Authored by: Bishara Khader

Europe has witnessed numerous attempts to achieve closer integration. No country has been force... more »

Yemen and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC): In Search of Integration

Authored by: Mohammed Saif Haidar Al-Naqeed

Yemen is currently progressing confidently toward the realization of its long-standing ambition... more »

A Necessary Engagement: Reinventing America’s Relations With the Muslim World

Authored by: Emile Nakhleh

This lecture focuses on the need for the United States – and other Western countries &nda... more »

Turkey and the European Union: Study of the March Toward Incorporation

Authored by: Lokman Omar El-Noaimi

The study begins with a brief historical account on the formation of European Union, since the est... more »

The Indian-Israeli Entente

Authored by: Efraim Inbar

It has taken both India and Israel four decades to establish full diplomatic relations, prosper... more »

A Reunified Germany in the 21st Century: Reaching the Peak - Regional and International Determinants

Authored by: Nazem Abdel Wahed Al-Jasour

The reunification of Germany, officially declared in 1990, aroused the fears of some European C... more »

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