International Conflicts & Crises

An American Perspective on the Anglo-Egyptian Conflict (From the Cairo Fire to the Revolution of 1952)

Authored by: Zaher Mohammed Saqer Al-Hassanawi

With the 1952 Egyptian Revolution as its point of departure, this study takes up the American pers... more »

The Sahara Issue and the Concept of Autonomy: A Moroccan Viewpoint

Authored by: Mohammed Boubouche

The Sahara issue is considered one of the most complicated problems regarding the right of self-de... more »

Border Disputes and their Resolution According to International Law: The Qatar-Bahrain Case

Authored by: Giovanni Distefano

The key element of the territorial and maritime dispute between Bahrain and Qatar was the need ... more »

Conflict Resolution in the Post-Cold War World: Implications for Iraq

Authored by: Michael Rose

Although US foreign policy is still based on the desire to secure freedom, justice and democrac... more »

In the Shadow of Just Wars: Violence, Politics and Humanitarian Action

Authored by: Medecins Sans Frontieres
Edited By: Fabrice Weissman

The international community can no longer ignore contemporary armed conflicts. Their international... more »

Turkey-Iran Competition in Central Asia and the Caucasus

Authored by: Ammar Jeffal

The collapse of the Soviet Union availed the opportunity for many international and local power... more »

The Long Road From Taif to Jeddah: Resolution of a Saudi-Yemeni Boundary Dispute

Authored by: Askar H. Al-Enazy

This book is an analysis of the boundary treaties between Saudi Arabia and Yemen, starting with th... more »

NATO Intervention in Kosovo

Translated by: Al-Taher Bou Sahia

NATO intervention in Kosovo sparked a dispute over more »