Internal Conflicts & Civil Wars

The image of Islam in European Academic Circles: The Model of the Dutch Academic Scholarship

Authored by: Al-Tijani Bu AlAwwali

There is near consensus that the image of Islam in the West is poor. Many scholars and experts ... more »

Algeria's Ruinous Impasse and the Honorable Way Out

Authored by: Hugh Roberts

This article examines the nature of the continuing conflict within ..... more »

Ethno-Nationalism in Pakistan

Authored by: Abha Dixit

The Pakistani experience is a unique example of the inappropriateness ..... more »

Network-Building, Ethnicity and Violence in Turkey

Authored by: Hamit Bozarslan

In a 1996 car accident near the Turkish town of Susurluk, a radical-right militant was killed toge... more »

Conflicts in Somalia’s Provinces

Authored by: Solomon Darso  -  Beruk Misphen

This publication sheds light on the ongoing conflict that has erupted in Somalia since 1991, an... more »

Is Partition a Solution to Civil War?

Authored by: Nicholas Sambanis  -  Jonah Schulhofer-Wohl

At the height of the Iraqi civil war in 2006 and 2007 and faced with intensifying violence agai... more »

Combating the Financing of Transnational Threats

Authored by: Michael Jacobson  -  Matthew Levitt

Confronting the multiple national security threats facing the world today demands not only clos... more »

Sri Lanka’s Shattered Peace

Authored by: Chris Smith

Despite the onset of an apparently robust peace process following the 2002 Ceasefire Agreement ... more »

The Sahara Issue and the Concept of Autonomy: A Moroccan Viewpoint

Authored by: Mohammed Boubouche

The Sahara issue is considered one of the most complicated problems regarding the right of self-de... more »

Competing Powerbrokers of the Middle East: Iran and Saudi Arabia

Authored by: Anoushiravan Ehteshami

Today the regional landscape is changing more rapidly than at any time since World War II and t... more »

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