Arab-Israeli Conflict

Economic and Social Situation in Gaza Strip under Israeli Blockade

This Study discusses the repercussions of the Israeli blockade on the economic, social and cult... more »

The European Union and the Palestinian Question

Authored by: Álvaro de Vasconcelos

European public opinion holds that the gravest obstacle to peace in the Middle East is the unwi... more »

Discovery of Israel's Gas Fields and their geopolitical Implications

Authored by: Clive Jones  -  Alan Craig

Lying some 150 kilometers from Israel’s northern shoreline, these fields combined are bel... more »

The Status of the Right of Return in Palestinian Political Thought

Authored by: Ali Ahmad Fayyad

The contemporary Palestinian political thought that emerged at the beginning of the twentieth cent... more »

The Status of Education on both Sides of the Arab-Israeli Struggle in the Stage of Armed Confrontation and Ideological Mobilization

Authored by: Abdel Latif Mahmoud Mohammed

Education represents the practical criterion for the acculturation of political ideology on each s... more »

Security of Israel: Essence and Dimensions

Authored by: Mustafa Abdel Wahed Al-Wali

Israel does not ever feel secure because it is an illegitimate state, fearing an attack at any mom... more »

Israel, USA and the War of June 1967

Authored by: Ahmad Saleem Al-Barsan

The Arab-Israeli War of June 1967 was a turning point in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict ... more »

The Israeli Strategy Towards the Arabian Peninsula

Authored by: Ibrahim Abdel Karim

The Israeli and Zionist political imperatives have stemmed from an awareness of the characteristic... more »

Internal Controversy in Israel: An Exploratory Study

An understanding of the Arab-Israeli conflict requires a profound analysis of relevant development... more »

Israeli Military Strategy

Authored by: Amin Mahmoud Attaya

Due to the intricacy of the Israeli-Arab dispute, the conflict has become one of the most complica... more »

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