Social Issues

Cultural Bias in University Entrance Examinations In the UAE

Authored by: Hilda Freimuth

This study discusses whether the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) should c... more »

Political Demography: How Population Changes Are Reshaping International Security And National Politics

Edited By: Jack A. Goldstone  -  Eric P. Kaufmann  -  Monica Duffy Toft

Political demography is defined as the study of population change and its relationship to both ... more »

Youth and Development

Authored by: The ECSSR

This publication reflects the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research’s keen i... more »

Problems of Identity and Multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb: Morocco as an Example

Authored by: Elias Balka  -  Mohamed Harraz

Identity and multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb represent chronic problems owing to the region... more »

Negative Social Outcomes of the Global Financial Crisis

Authored by: Pankaj Agrrawal

One of the most macabre consequences of the Global Financial Crisis is the ‘direct human ... more »

The Global Financial Crisis: Impact on Higher Education

Authored by: Susan Hunter

As with most sectors, higher education did not escape impact from the credit crisis caused by h... more »

The Effect of Modernity on Customs and Traditions in Gulf Societies

Authored by: Rima Al Sabban

The discourse on the subject of modernity has gathered pace in Arab Gulf societies. It has trig... more »

Liberation Technology: Social Media and The Struggle for Democracy

Edited By: Larry Diamond  -  Marc F. Plattner

Information and Communications Technology have effected a deep change in civil society and poli... more »

Impact of Science Education on the GCC Labor Market

Authored by: Alexander W. Wiseman

Creating both a competitive and amenable labor market for GCC nationals in the private sector w... more »

From Tribe to Facebook: The Transformational Role of Social Networks

Authored by: Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi

The recent proliferation of social networks has led to a societal shift – from a tribal m... more »

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