Economic Issues

The Specialized Cities of the Gulf Cooperation Council: A Case Study of a Distinct Type of Policy Innovation and Diffusiondome

Authored by: Danyel Reiche  -  Heba Khidr

This Study examines a new phenomenon in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) referred to as speci... more »

The G20 and ad hoc Embedded  Liberalism: Economic  Governance  amid Crisis and Dissensus

Authored by: Jonathan luckhurst

The September 2008 financial market collapse and subsequent world economic crisis have signific... more »

Negative Social Outcomes of the Global Financial Crisis

Authored by: Pankaj Agrrawal

One of the most macabre consequences of the Global Financial Crisis is the ‘direct human ... more »

Global Financial Instability and Implications for the GCC

Authored by: Jonathan Rubin

As a whole, the GCC has been able to adequately cope with the negative effects of the financial... more »

The Global Financial Crisis: Impact on Higher Education

Authored by: Susan Hunter

The Higher education sector in the United States, Europe and East Asia did not escape the impac... more »

Political Outcomes of the Global Financial Crisis

Authored by: Thomas M. Deford

Gauging future political outcomes as a result of the global financial crisis is more of an art ... more »

Corporate Compass: An Attempt to Identify Corporate Stakes (A Legal Study)

Companies are the most important entity in any modern economy and, at the same time, the most i... more »

Israeli Natural gas between Curtailing Dependence and Regional Implications (2000-2013)

Authored by: Rabee Mohamed Yahiya

Israel's advent to the age of natural gas with its huge reserves and surplus, which may soon tu... more »

Activating the Role of Joint Economic Projects in Achieving Arab Food Security

Authored by: Hussein Abdel Muttalib Al-Asraj

Joint economic projects are one partial formula of economic integration. They are often more we... more »

Labor Mobility: Enabler for Sustainable Development

Edited By: Ali Rashid Al-Noaimi  -  Irena Omelaniuk

Labor mobility is particularly significant in the case of the GCC; the region is host to around... more »

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