Arab Maghreb

Problems of Identity and Multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb: Morocco as an Example

Authored by: Elias Balka  -  Mohamed Harraz

Identity and multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb represent chronic problems owing to the region... more »

Russia’s Policy toward the Arabian Gulf

Authored by: Abdel Jalil Zaid El-Marhoun

This study seeks to provide an analytical view of Russian policy toward the Arabian Gulf from t... more »

The Experience of Democratic Transition in Mauritania: Context, Facts and Prospects

Authored by: Mohammed El-Mokhtar Ould El-Saad  -  Mohammed Abdel Haie

This study examines the experience of democratic transition in Mauritania by retracing the step... more »

The Sahara Issue and the Concept of Autonomy: A Moroccan Viewpoint

Authored by: Mohammed Boubouche

The Sahara issue is considered one of the most complicated problems regarding the right of self-de... more »

Arab Maghreb Union Food Security Dilemma: Present & Future Implications

Authored by: Rawa Zaki Younis  -  Mohammed Ali Dahesh

The Arab Maghreb Union (AMU) states are among the world's key food-importers due to the continu... more »