Authored by: Khaled Omer Benguega

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This lecture offers insights from The Triumph of the Will: The Journey of My Experience by the thinker His Excellency Prof. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi. The insights are based on the original book, which chronicles the author's vast experience, rich knowledge, and genuine humane emotions. The lecture demonstrates how Prof. Al-Suwaidi has used writing and words to reflect and depict his inner feelings and emotions—an aspect of his creativity. The lecture also discusses the book, The Triumph of the Will: The Journey of My Experience, an intellectually rich volume that explores a deep experience and embodies humane emotions. Moreover, the lecture highlights the cultural awareness of the author, who offers the reader a glimpse into his rich life experience and its private aspects. The book sheds light on the relationship between decision makers and intellectuals in the United Arab Emirates, and the former’s high appreciation for the role of intellectuals.

The lecture offers a reading into the significant contents of the book in terms of presentation and methodology, whereby Prof. Al-Suwaidi narrates his experience with people and cancer, elaborating on the details of his life, including his successes and failures, well-being and sickness, and strengths and weakness. The aim of this is to instill hope in people's hearts wherever they are. It represents the experience of Prof. Al-Suwaidi – the person, the thinker, and the researcher – in which he speaks about family, the homeland, the nation, and the relationship between intellectuals and decision makers. The lecture offers insights from a book that takes us on a tour to rediscover Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi and to uncover how he overcomes hardships in life.

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