Regional Security

Unsuccessful Mediation Efforts in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: A Potential Silver Lining?

Authored by: Gulshan Pashayeva

The Armenian–Azerbaijani dispute over the Nagorno–Karabakh region continues to thre... more »

Iran After the Bomb .. How Would a Nuclear-Armed Tehran Behave?

Authored by: Alireza Nader

A common concern regarding Iran’s potential possession of nuclear weapons is that they wo... more »

Security in the Sahel–Sahara Region in Africa

Authored by: Karim Maslouh

This book is based on major analytical aspects of the Sahel–Sahara region, including its ... more »

Turkey and Iran: Approaches to Engagement in the Middle East

Authored by: Fuat Keyman

From the recent tensions in the relationship between Turkey and Iran, a thorny path awaits Turk... more »

The Strategic Dynamics of the Indian Ocean

Authored by: Vijay Sakhuja

The Indian Ocean region is a large maritime-littoral space of geo-political, geo-economic and g... more »

Afghanistan: Challenges of the Transition to Peace

Authored by: Ali Ahmad Jalali

Sustainable peace in Afghanistan can be achieved only through the establishment of an “en... more »

Pakistan’s Security Perspectives

Authored by: Syed Athar Ali

Pakistan’s security matrix is beset by multi-dimensional threats which stem from a host o... more »

The Kurdish Cause in Iraq From Attrition to Threatening Geopolitics

Authored by: Musa El-Sayed Ali

Many studies have tackled the Kurdish cause in Iraq from the perspective of what the Kurdish confl... more »

Arab National Security and Neighboring African States

Authored by: Saad Naji Jawad  -  Abdel Salam Ibrahim Baghdadi

This study highlights Arab national security issues involving neighboring African countries, espec... more »

Beyond Dual Containment

Authored by: Kenneth Katzman

This work analyzes the 'dual containment' policy of the United States in terms of classic balance-... more »

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