Government Policies

Challenges of Global Capital Markets to Information-Shy Regimes: The Case of Tunisia

Authored by: Clement Henry

The evolution of the global economy since the end of the Cold War poses special challenges to the ... more »

American Muslims and the Obama Administration

Authored by: Mohammed Nimer

President Barack Hussein Obama began his first term in office with aggressive pronouncements of... more »

A Union of Iraqi States: From Failure to Sustainable Security

Authored by: Pauline Baker

Of all the analysts who have looked at Iraq since 2003, few have conducted assessments from the... more »

Controversies of Society and State in Turkey: The Military Establishment and Public Politics

Authored by: Aqueel Saeed Mahfoud

This book traces the historical foundations of the Turkish state and the evolution of the values g... more »

Iraq and American Empire: Can Arab-Americans Influence Middle East Policy

Authored by: Rashid Al-Khalidi

As a result of the failure of the Bush administration to meet its own goals in Iraq, a debate i... more »

The Kadima Party and the Coalition Government: A Case Study of the Israeli Political Map and Its Implications

Authored by: Ibrahim Abdel Karim

The Israeli political arena recently witnessed the emergence of a new party, Kadima (Forward), whi... more »

Formation of the Iraqi Political System: The Role of the GCC

Authored by: James A. Russell

Regime change in Baghdad represents the dawn of a new era in the Gulf in which the ... more »

China: Return of Global Power

Authored by: Konrad Zeits

There may be talk about “The Return of China.” Indeed, this is not due to...  ... more »