Global Economy & Institutions

The G20 and ad hoc Embedded  Liberalism: Economic  Governance  amid Crisis and Dissensus

Authored by: Jonathan luckhurst

The September 2008 financial market collapse and subsequent world economic crisis have signific... more »

The Effect of European Community on European and Arab Banks

Authored by: Ahmad Hussein Al-Rifai

Many current economic changes may significantly affect international economic relations, the most ... more »

Globalization From an Economic Perspective and the Premise of Containment

Authored by: Abdel Moneim El-Sayed Ali

The theme of this study draws upon two beliefs. First, globalization is related to the capitalist ... more »

The Status of the US Dollar as Other International Currencies Gain in Value

Authored by: Jassim Hussain Ali

This study begins by discussing the path of the dollar since the Bretton Woods conference estab... more »

Globalization in the 21st Century: How Interconnected is the World?

Edited By: The ECSSR

Globalization is an ongoing and pervasive phenomenon which is redefining the economic, social a... more »

Mechanism of Dispute Resolution Within the International Trade Organization

Authored by: Khaled Mohammed Al-Jomaa

This study deals with mechanisms to settle legal trade disputes that could arise between member st... more »