Arms Control

Iranian Military Capabilities and "Dual Containment"

Authored by: Anthony Cordesman

This paper addresses the serious potential challenges ..... more »

International Arms Transfers and the Middle East

Authored by: Ian Anthony  -  Peter Jones

The end of the Cold War and the relentless pace of technological change are altering the patterns ... more »

Integrated Middle East Regional Approaches to Unconventional Arms Control and Disarmament

Authored by: Laura Drake

The topic of biological weapons and the issues of arms control and disarmament are addressed in Mi... more »

Iran's Nuclear Program: Realities and Repercussions

Edited By: The ECSSR

International suspicion surrounding Iran's nuclear activities was first aroused in the late 198... more »

Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program: Turning Points and Nuclear Choices

Authored by: Samina Ahmad

The study traces Pakistan's nuclear history and attempts more »

Air/Missile Defense, Counterproliferation and Security Policy Planning

Edited By: Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi  -  Jacquelyn K. Davis  -  Charles M. Perry

The papers in this volume are based on presentations originally delivered at a workshop entitled "... more »

East Asian Security Environment

Authored by: Sanjana Joshi

The tremendous economic development of East Asia in the fourth ..... more »

Toward a New Middle East: Rethinking the Nuclear Question

Authored by: Avner Cohen

While dramatic political developments, including the Oslo and Cairo ..... more »