Military Issues

The Balance of Power in South Asia

The nuclear tests conducted by India and Pakistan in May 1998 have had far-reaching implication... more »

Managing Military Organizations: Theory and Practices

Edited By: Joseph Soeters  -  Paul C. van Fenema  -  Robert Beeres

This book is about the management of military organizations, both in theory and practice. It de... more »

The Future of U.S. Special Operations Forces

Authored by: Linda Robinson

Special operations forces are designed for missions that conventional forces cannot undertake, ... more »

The Future of Warfare in the 21st Century

Edited By: The ECSSR

Concepts and theories of war-fighting have evolved radically over the past twenty years, result... more »

Potential Military Applications of Nanotechnology and Ways to Avoid Risks

Authored by: Hazem Hassan Al Gamal

Nanotechnology is considered a scientific revolution, which has attracted great interest in ...... more »

Cyber War: The Next Threat to National Security and What to Do About It

Authored by: Richard A. Clarke  -  Robert K. Knake

Several countries around the world have focused on developing cyberspace to wage wars in recent... more »

The Israeli Army: Past Realities and Future Prospects

Authored by: Fayez Sara

The Israeli army occupies a predominant position in the Hebrew state since it is considered as one... more »

Democracy and War in the Middle East During the Period 1945-1989

Authored by: Saleh Mahmoud Al-Qassem

Numerous wars have broken out in the Middle East during the past five decades due to various reaso... more »

Iranian Military Capabilities and "Dual Containment"

Authored by: Anthony Cordesman

This paper addresses the serious potential challenges ..... more »

Space Control in Desert Storm and Beyond

Authored by: Steven Lambakis

The author focuses on the control of the skies above the theater of ..... more »

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