Emirates Lecture Series - Arabic

Insights from The Triumph of the Will.. The Journey of My Experience by the Thinker His Excellency Prof. Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi

Authored by: Khaled Omer Benguega

This lecture offers insights from The Triumph of the Will: The Journey of My Experience by the ... more »

The Future of political Religious Groups: Insights from The Mirage

Authored by: Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi

In a supplemental analysis to The Mirage, the comprehensive scholarly review of political relig... more »

The Homeland in Islam: Between Shariah and the Claims of Extremists

Authored by: Hassan Mohammed Al-Marzouqi

Where should one’s loyalty lie—with God or with one’s country? This question ... more »

International Relations and the Dialogue between Civilizations

Authored by: Mustapha Cherif

The manifestation of European and Western cultural hegemony in various international organizati... more »

The Role of OIC in Settling the Nagorno–Karabakh Conflict

Authored by: Kamal Gasimov

Azerbaijan has followed a balanced foreign policy since obtaining independence from the former ... more »

Deconstructing Extremist Ideology

Authored by: Mohamed Mokhtar Gomaa

Extremist groups carry within themselves the seeds of their own downfall. These groups oppress ... more »

Turkey: Political Change and the Transformation of Society

Authored by: Elsadig Bakheit Elfaqih

For centuries, Turkey had been home to the Ottoman Caliphate. Ever since the fall of the Caliph... more »

The Dangers of Sectarian Conflicts and Means to Confront Them

Islam is being targeted from within by groups of followers who stray from the true teachings. T... more »

Empowering Muslim Youth in the Face of Destructive Ideas

Authored by: Farouk Hamada

Ideologies that justify violence in the name of religion pose a serious threat to the youth tod... more »

Storm of Thought Alliance: Indications and Challenges

Authored by: Abdelhak Azzouzi

Operation Decisive Storm was a strategic tremor that aimed to halt Iran’s dangerous and m... more »

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