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ECSSR has adopted a special scheme for supporting research projects from specialized researchers who submit applications for scholarships with a view to promoting scientific research, funded from the Center's budget.


  1. The research should be relevant to ECSSR‎'s interests
  2. The research should be conducted on issues related to the UAE and the Gulf region
  3. The research should be original and creative, and its findings should have an academic and practical value for the UAE and the Gulf
  4. The applicant should have the necessary expertise to conduct such research
  5. The proposed research budget should be commensurate with its academic value
  6. The research should be original and unpublished and should not be submitted to any other institutions for publication or otherwise
  7. The researcher should provide a summary of his/her project, its expected timeframe for completion, the methodology to be followed, the anticipated findings, and the required budget in detail


  1. Researchers should submit a research fellowship form with all the required documents
  2. ECSSR will examine the application in order to ensure that all the requisite information has been provided
  3. All scholarship applications shall be subject to professional assessment by a committee formed by ECSSR in order to ensure compliance with the Center‎'s standards
  4. The assessment committee shall submit a detailed report on whether the project is suitable for financing and offer its recommendations to the Center administration
  5. The committee‎'s recommendation shall be either approval, conditional approval, or rejection
  6. In the event of approval, a contract shall be signed between the Center and the applicant stipulating all the conditions to be observed by the researcher
  7. In the event of conditional approval, the proposal shall be returned to the applicant to make the required revisions and resubmit thereafter for consideration
  8. In the event of rejection, the proposal shall be returned to the applicant
  9. The researcher may not submit more than one proposal at a time
  10. The researcher should submit a progress report mid-way through the project along with a summary of its most important findings. The final report shall be submitted upon the completion of the project
  11. The scholarship shall be granted in installments in proportion to the completed stage of the research. The applicant shall provide all vouchers to the Center after completing each stage. All equipment bought for research purposes shall be the property of ECSSR
  12. ECSSR shall be the copyright holder of all research funded from its budget