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Within ECSSR's organizational chart, the Administrative Affairs Division consists of the following departments:



 Human Resources Department

The main task of this department is to ensure the implementation of regulations, by-laws, and administrative resolutions. It draws up proposals for developing these regulations, taking into account their procedural and human dimensions.

This department undertakes and follows up on all procedures pertaining to the selection and recruitment of new staff for occupying vacant positions, arranges the best work facilities for the Centers employees, and responds to their comments, suggestions, and complaints. It is also involved in developing staff skills and improving their professional performance by providing appropriate training programs.

This department is composed of three sections:

Personnel Affairs Section

  1. Organizes and documents the employment, promotion, change of status procedures and evaluates the performance of all ECSSR staff.

  2. Oversees and facilitates personnel affairs regarding transportation, leave, official assignments, termination of services, renewal of contracts, and resignations.

  3. Maintains updated files of ECSSR staff according to their departments, ranks, categories and academic qualifications.

  4. Facilitates service procedures for new and old employees regarding housing, expertise certificates, special permission, residence permits, travel tickets and educational services for children of ECSSR staff .

  5. Prepares reports and statistics that indicate the size of the Centers manpower.

Recruitment Section

  1. Identifies required human resources and initiates moves to attract highly qualified employees.

  2. Develops procedures for advertising vacancies, receiving and classifying job applications, and ensures receipt of necessary documentation from candidates.

  3. Contributes to the development of relevant competitive examinations for potential candidates in coordination with other departments in the Center.

Training Section

Conducts programs that aim to develop and improve the scientific skills of UAE National workers in the field of studies and research. These programs are the Scientific Research Diploma and specialized training courses.

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Administrative and Financial Affairs Department

This department is composed of five sections:

Financial Affairs Section

  1. Prepares the annual budget for the Center in coordination with the other departments and units.

  2. Monitors expenditures and prepares periodic financial reports.

  3. Monitors the funding of research projects, scholarships and training sessions.

Public Relations Section

  1. Promotes the mission, role, activities, and achievements of ECSSR.

  2. Builds and strengthens mutual ties between the Center and the local community.

  3. Establishes relations between the Center and various local and international news media.

  4. Initiates and strengthens exchange and dialogue between the Center and its counterpart think tanks and institutions at the local, regional, and international levels.

  5. Seeks to establish mutual interaction between the staff and the administration of the Center.

  6. Publishes the Centers Annual Book and other related materials about the Center.

Purchasing Section

This section concludes contracts for purchasing the Centers necessities such as material and equipment including books and educational and technical aids from different sources.

Services Section

This section is responsible for providing special administrative services for the various departments and units of the Center, such as services for maintenance and cleaning, security and safety, transport, communication, and housing.

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