The UAE Federation Library was created with the highest international standards in mind, and includes the latest design, technology and office equipment. The Library building combines both functional and aesthetic dimensions thanks to a sophisticated architectural approach that has created an appropriate environment for study and related activities.

The Library consists of three floors: 

  • Ground Floor: Includes a collection of printed journals and archives.
  • First Floor: Includes the reference service section and reference collection, in addition to a large collection of books classified according to Library of Congress classification system.
  • Second Floor: Includes the remaining collections of books, maps and atlases section, multimedia section, in addition to a special archive of Jane’s military collection.

The Library contains three halls:

  • Hall dedicated to workshops and meetings.
  • Hall of maps and atlases.
  • Hall of multimedia.

The Library is fully equipped with sophisticated technology to provide the most up-to-date services to its visitors.