Emirates Occasional Papers

Challenges Facing Students with Vision Impairment at UAE Higher Educational Institutions

Authored by: Muna M. AlHammadi

In the latest publication in the Emirates Occasional Papers series, Muna M. Alhammadi examines ... more »

A History of Hezbollah Activities in the Arabian Gulf Region

Authored by: Matthew Levitt

Since Hezbollah was formed in the early-1980s, the organization’s activities have yielded... more »

Domestic and Regional Challenges to US-Iran Relations

Authored by: Imad Harb  -  John Bruni

This paper argues that a combination of internal considerations specific to the United States a... more »

Cultural Bias in University Entrance Examinations In the UAE

Authored by: Hilda Freimuth

This study discusses whether the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) should c... more »

The Making of UAE Foreign Policy: A ‘Dynamic Process Model’

Authored by: Gaith A. Abdulla

This paper examines the foreign policy of the UAE through the ‘Dynamic Process Model&rsqu... more »

Geopolitics of Deception: Media, Framing, and War by Other Means

Authored by: Amr Gamal Eddin Thabet

Framing constitutes 'strategic action' that integrates 'discursive, political and sociological ... more »

Oil Production and Consumption: Strategies for the UAE

Authored by: Justin Dargin

The Arabian Gulf region has the most prodigious energy reserves in the world. As of 2012, it co... more »

Discovery of Israel's Gas Fields and their geopolitical Implications

Authored by: Clive Jones  -  Alan Craig

Lying some 150 kilometers from Israel’s northern shoreline, these fields combined are bel... more »

Iraqi Oil: A Potential Shift in Regional Dominance

Authored by: Dania Thafer Futhl Al-Deen

Iraq is a conundrum. Its complexity can be understood by considering its location. It is a hist... more »

Turkish Relations with the Middle East

Authored by: Steven A. Cook

Although it seems entirely appropriate for Turkey to want to broaden and deepen its relations w... more »

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