Security in the Sahel–Sahara Region in Africa

Authored by: Karim Maslouh

This book is based on major analytical aspects of the Sahel–Sahara region, including its ... more »

Our Common Strategic Interests: Africa’s Role in the Post-G8 World

Authored by: Tom Cargill

African countries are playing a more strategic role in international affairs. Global players th... more »

Dead Aid

Authored by: Dambisa Moyo

In the past fifty years, more than $1 trillion in development-related aid has been transferred ... more »

Iranian Foreign Policy in Arica

Authored by: Sherif Shabaan Mabrouk

Since 1979, Iran is seeking to intensify its presence in many African countries through multipl... more »

The African Union and the New Security System in Africa

Authored by: Hamdi Abd Al-Rahman Hassan

The Declaration of the African Union (AU) in 2002 marked a critical shift in the field of joint... more »

United States’ Policy Towards Post-Cold War Conflicts In the Horn of Africa: Roles and Responses

Authored by: Sami El Sayed Ahmed

The Horn of Africa is one of the most turbulent and conflict-beleaguered regions on the African... more »

Piracy in the Horn of Africa: Growing Threats and Border Clashes

Authored by: Mohammed Safwat El Zayat

Maritime piracy in the Horn of Africa, especially off the coast of Somalia, represents a major ... more »

GCC–African Relations: Reality and Future Prospects

Authored by: Mohammad Ashour Mahdi

Despite the deep historical ties between the Gulf region and Africa, and the availability of a ... more »

Eastern Africa: Security and the Legacy of Fragility

Authored by: Gilbert M. Khadiagala

The most important security challenges in East Africa stem from the fragility of its states and... more »

The Arab Image in the African Mind: The Case of Nigeria

Authored by: Elkhidiru Abdul Baaq Mohammed

The lecture presented the reality of the image of Arabs to non-Arab Africans (sub-Saharan Afric... more »

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