Humanitarian Issues

Walls and Barriers: The Paradoxes of Security, Sovereignty and Human Rights

Authored by: Saida Ahmed Belmir

Since the end of the Cold War, the world has witnessed important developments that have largely... more »

State Sovereignty and International Protection for Human Rights

Authored by: Basil Youssef Basil

This study examines the international mechanisms for protecting human rights and their impact on t... more »

International Aid, Regional Politics, and the Kurdish Issue in Iraq After the Gulf War

Authored by: Denise Natali

The intra-Kurdish conflicts that brought down the first Iraqi Kurdish government in 1994 and which... more »

Human Rights in the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Authored by: Abdel Al-Aali Hour

The European Union (EU) has endeavored to make the question of human rights one of the constituent... more »

Western Approaches to Political Islam and Muslims Living in the West

Authored by: Steven Brooke  -  Robert S. Leiken  -  Paul Weller

This volume of the Series is made up of two translated studies that are of benefit to the Arab rea... more »

Human Security: The Role of the Private Sector in Promoting the Security of Individuals

Authored by: Wolfgang Amadeus Bruelhart  -  Marc Probst

Today, the number of armed conflicts worldwide has dropped, the number of refugees has declined... more »

In the Shadow of Just Wars: Violence, Politics and Humanitarian Action

Authored by: Medecins Sans Frontieres
Edited By: Fabrice Weissman

The international community can no longer ignore contemporary armed conflicts. Their international... more »

Society and Elder Abuse: A Study of Social Problems

Authored by: Mahmoud Sadeq Sulayman

This book deals with the growing international phenomenon of elder abuse, which has recently drawn... more »

The Responsibility to Protect: Humanitarianism in Crisis

Authored by: David Reiff  -  Mohammed Sahnoun  -  Gareth Evans

Changes in the world order with the end of the Cold War have led to the rise of the 'humanitari... more »

Humanitarian Intervention in International Relations

Authored by: Mohammed Yacoub Abdel Rahman

The phenomena of humanitarian intervention is not new to the world of international relations, ... more »

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