Axes & Alliances

Russian-Arab Relations in the Twentieth Century and Their Future Horizons

Authored by: George Shokry Katan

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Arabic-Turkish Relations Between Present Realities

Authored by: Hassan Bakr Ahmad

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Arab-Turkish Economic Relations

Authored by: Galal Abdullah Muawad

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Asia and the Gulf: Prospects for Cooperation

Authored by: Vilothvar Kanagarajan

Asia, especially East Asia, has seen unprecedented economic transformation in recent decades, and ... more »

Arab Perceptions of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

Authored by: Mohammed El-Sayed Selim

Although most Arab countries have endorsed the European Union's proposal for an Euro-Mediterranean... more »

South World: Concept and Challenges

Authored by: Ahmad Saleem Al-Barsan

Having begun to lose its significance, the Third World concept started to fade away... more »