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Strategic Visions
(A quarterly, refereed academic periodical)

Publication Guidelines

1. Strategic Visions is pleased to publish research contributions from all academics, university professors and researchers specializing in politics, economics, law, social science, media, security and IT applications in these fields. The periodical publishes research in Arabic. Any research or study submitted for publication must satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must be original and authentic research and never previously published, partially or fully, in print or electronically, and must not be currently considered for publication by any other publisher.
  • It must adhere to a rigorous methodology and meet the recognized criteria of academic research standards. Citation of sources and references must be in accordance with the style of documentation used in the Center’s refereed publications.
  • It must fall within the scope of the periodical’s areas of interest mentioned above, and must provide new, genuine insights on the subject being studied.
  • It must be written in clear and precise language. Manuscripts must not exceed 8,000 words, including notes and bibliography, and must be typed electronically.
  • An executive summary not exceeding 250 words must be submitted along with the research or study, in addition to the key points of the study, its objectives and the importance of its contribution to enriching scholarly research.
  • The editorial board of the periodical will carry out an initial assessment of the research/study to decide its suitability. Studies considered suitable for publication will then be sent to at least two referees of prominent academic standing and experience in the respective field. The editor-in-chief may choose a third referee in case one of the two referees rejects the study. The editorial board will inform contributors of the final decision concerning whether their submissions are approved for publication or not. Contributors must make all amendments requested by the referees in order for the study to be accepted for publication in the periodical.
  • Research, studies and book reviews must be submitted via email or by post to P.O. Box 4567, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • Contributors will receive an acknowledgement within two weeks of receipt of their submissions. Contributors will be informed about the final decision on the suitability of their submissions for publication within a maximum of two months of their receipt.
  • If a research or study is finally approved for publication, all copyrights will automatically be owned by Strategic Visions.

2. Strategic Visions is also pleased to publish reviews of Arabic and foreign language books, as long as the material submitted for publication meets the following conditions:

  • A review of one book must not exceed 400 words.
  • Publication date of the book must be within the last two years. Upon the approval of the editor-in-chief, an exception to this may be made based on the academic value of the book.
  • The subject of the book must fall within the periodical’s areas of interest and its submitted review must bring added value to the respective field.
  • Book reviews must be written clearly and precisely. The material must be typed and submitted electronically.
  • The review must be objective, highlighting the main points of the book with a balanced editorial view using precise and clear Arabic. The review must be thorough and in-depth, and not just a superficial summary of the book’s content.
  • The review must not have been previously published, in print or electronically, nor should it be submitted simultaneously to any other publisher.
  • A clear, high-resolution picture of the book cover must be submitted along with the review, in addition to basic information about the book (title, author, date of publishing, publisher, number of pages, ISBN). If the book is written in a foreign language, the basic information about it must be in that language.

3. General Guidelines:

  • Material published in Strategic Visions reflects the opinions of the contributors and does not necessarily reflect the views of the periodical or the Center.
  • The periodical is committed to a set of principles in evaluating material considered for publication, most notably the rejection of all forms of prejudice and bias, rejection of any material that defames religions or cultures or disrespects intellectual property rights, and rejection of any practices that harm scientific research.
  • The periodical expects academics, researchers and specialists to send a short CV detailing their academic background, major publications and means of personal contact and correspondence.
  • The periodical reserves the right to edit the language of submitted material, according to publication requirements, as long as such modifications do not alter the content of the text.
  • To encourage scientific research and incentivize academics, researchers and specialists, the periodical provides financial rewards for studies and book reviews that are approved for publication.
  • Correspondence to Strategic Visions should be addressed to its editor-in-chief via the periodical’s email or postal address:
Strategic Visions
The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research,
P.O. Box 4567,
Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates
Email: strategicvisions@ecssr.ae
Tel: (+971-2) 4044423
Fax: (+971-2) 4044529