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Akhbar Al-Sa'ah is a daily analytical bulletin covering important news events. It is published in Arabic since 1994. Its main objective is to provide an overview of prominent political, economic, and military events with editorial priority given to the main interests of the United Arab Emirates, the Gulf, and the Middle East.

The bulletin comprises editorial and current events sections. The editorial section focuses on a prominent international news theme. Another section, "Reports and Analysis," analyzes in detail major political, economic, and military events. A further section, "Akhbar Al-Sa'ah Around the World," briefly covers daily news items on the UAE, the Gulf States, the Arab region, the Middle East, and international events. Occasionally, this newsletter includes a "Country Profile," which provides a statistical summary of a particular country in terms of basic information, economic indicators, social and religious conditions, and political and military capabilities. The newsletter also includes an "Issue Profile," which focuses on political groups, concepts, and issues of specific interest to the Center. Akhbar Al-Sa'ah's "Character Profile," section describes an individual personality who impacts current events at the local, Arab, and international levels. The bulletin often includes a review of new books in fields relevant to the Center.

Akhbar Al-Sa'ah relies on various sources of information including respected international news agencies, regional and international newspapers, international TV networks, the Internet, data banks, and other electronic networks. Published six times weekly, the newsletter is an unbiased, comprehensive source of current events worldwide.