Library Rules and Etiquette

In seeking to provide the best library services, we hope our valuable visitors will abide by the followings regulations:

  • Postgraduate students should bring an official letter signed by their thesis supervisor.
  • Internship students of universities, colleges and institutes who want to use the library for a long period, should bring an official letter signed by their university or supervisor, indicating the name of the student.
  • Visitors carrying student cards may use the Library.
  • Employees should bring their ID.
  • Not to use the Library for purposes other than research and study.
  • Not to use mobile phones or undertake activities which are not acceptable behavior in a library.
  • Not to bring food and drink into the Library.
  • Not to smoke or bring litter in the Library.
  • Not to wear inappropriate dress.

Note: No visitors are allowed to use the Library for other than research purposes or to access Library services.