Library hours: 08:00 am to 20:00 pm.
Library hours during the holy month of Ramadan: 09:00 am to 16:00 pm.

The Library provides various quality services as follows:

  1. Technical Services
  2. Public Services
  3. Electronic Services

1. Technical Services (supplied via two units):

Acquisition Unit

This unit is the cornerstone of the Library through which it is provided with books, references and maps. Supply is undertaken in a variety of ways, including the purchase from exhibitions, Bookshops and suppliers locally and internationally. In addition, the ECSSR receives dedications from governmental and non-governmental bodies, which are added to the Library’s collection.

Cataloguing and Classification Unit

The Cataloguing and Classification Unit conducts technical operations for bibliographic description and subject cataloguing, with the aim of quick and accurate information retrieval. To achieve this end, the Cataloguing Unit staff apply a number of international standards and specifications adopted in this field, such as:

Applying standards of machine-readable cataloguing rules (MARC 21).
Applying international standard of bibliographic description (ISBD).
Using the American Library of Congress Classification System.
Using standard Arab subject headings for subject cataloguing of Arabic books.
Using subject headings of the Library of Congress for subject cataloguing of foreign books.
Using the latest integrated, automated systems (Millennium) to automate all the technical and administrative operations.


2. Public Services

The Reference Service Unit’s function includes:

Acquainting visitors : with services provided by the Library, and offering the opportunity to visit the rare collections room, and see valuable and original versions of a number of books, of which there are only a few copies existing throughout the world, in addition to a set of rare maps.
The Reference Service Unit also oversees the VIP area, which includes a collection of the ECSSR’s publications, British documents, and UAE collection.
Provision of books, references and periodicals required by researchers, as well as providing free photocopying services, in accordance with intellectual property rights.

Current Awareness

This is a service designed to inform the Director General of the ECSSR and staff of all new books, periodicals and databases received at the Library. In addition, the service acquaints them with academic websites.

• Preparing Bibliographies

Preparing bibliographies is one of the most important services provided by specialized libraries. The Library identifies subjects of interest to ECSSR researchers and Library users and prepares bibliographic lists that contain the most relevant books, references, documents, and periodical articles available.


3. Electronic Services

Electronics services are provided by the periodicals unit, which holds non-print and print periodicals, such as newspapers and magazines, in addition, to databases unit which maintains information of interest to the ECSSR, and subscribes to 30 databases, containing the full texts of more than 1.4 million dissertations (Masters and Doctorates), and a vast collection of e-books and online journals. In addition, it includes hundreds of thousands of research studies and articles on various topics of interest to the ECSSR.