Thought & Culture

Problems of Identity and Multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb: Morocco as an Example

Authored by: Elias Balka  -  Mohamed Harraz

Identity and multilingualism in the Arab Maghreb represent chronic problems owing to the region... more »

Arab Communities in the Diaspora: Role and Methods for Enhancement

This study deals with the issue of Arab communities in the diaspora. It examines the history of... more »

Arabic Language: The Question of Survival?

Authored by: Nehad Al-Moossa

The circumstances surrounding Arabic language these days has raised concerns regarding its futu... more »

The Role of Culture in Building Dialogue Among Nations

Authored by: Mohammed Saadi

The concept of dialogue among cultures is one of the main intellectual themes dominating the li... more »

The Culture of Dhows and the Indian Ocean: Cosmopolitanism, Commerce, and Islam before the Coming of Europeans

Authored by: Abdul Sheriff

This book reviews the role and impact that ‘dhows’ (traditional Arabic sailing vess... more »

Towards Building A Civil State in Arab World: A Critical Study of the Current Debate Among Arab Intellectuals on Secularism, Religion and State

This book analyzes the relation between religion and state, with emphasis on the current debate... more »

The Concept of "International Order" Between Scientism and Normalcy

Authored by: Mamdouh Mahmoud Mustafa

Organized disciplines are closely identified with the concepts of terminological significance. The... more »

The Beginning of Cultural Renaissance in the Arabian Gulf Region in the First Half of the Twentieth Century

Authored by: Mufeed Al-Ziedy

This study is concerned with the evolution of culture, intellect and the characteristics of the ea... more »

Islam and the West after September 11: Civilizational Dialogue or Conflict?

Authored by: John L. Esposito

Many today warn that the Muslim world and the West are on a collision ... more »

Nation State and Islam in the Arab World: Select Cases

Authored by: Abdullah Jomaa Al-Hajj

The relationship between Islam and the modern nation-state in the Arab World has many facets, w... more »

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