The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research aims to encourage research, writing and translation in the Arab world, enrich Arabic libraries with outstanding books and academic studies, and promote cultural interaction across the world. In order to achieve this objective, the Center publishes books and a number of refereed monograph series in Arabic and English, which explore various political, economic, social, strategic military and information issues, pertaining to the Arabian Gulf region in particular, and the Arab world and the international community in general.

These publications include books, both original and translated, and two original refereed monograph series: Strategic Studies in Arabic and The Emirates Occasional Papers (EOP) in English. The third series, which features translated studies is called International Studies and the fourth series, which covers lectures organized by the Center is the  Emirates Lecture Series, published in Arabic and English. The details about each of these series are given in the following pages.


The ECSSR adopts a three-dimensional strategy for the publication of books, which includes the following:
1- Books that collate research papers presented at conferences organized by the Center, focusing on important current issues. These books are published in both Arabic and English.

2- Books written originally in Arabic or English, either by authors commissioned by the Center or by independent authors. These books are refereed by experts specialized in these subjects and are published in two forms: 
- Full-sized original books (over 200 pages).
- Medium-sized original books (100-120 pages). These include books originated by the authors themselves and offered to the Center for publication, as well as those books whose authorship and subjects are designated by the Center.

3- Translated books that render into Arabic the latest and most outstanding publications that have stimulated readers' interest when they were published in their original language.

Monograph Series

The ECSSR publishes a number of monograph series, which are either original or translated, under the following categories:

The Emirates Occasional Papers
This is an interdisciplinary series in English consisting of original studies, discussions and academic analyses on issues of strategic importance to the United Arab Emirates, the Arabian Gulf states and the Middle East, in the political, economic, social and energy domains. In order to ensure the reliability of content, credibility of sources and integrity of analysis, the manuscripts submitted to the EOP series undergo a strict review process by three expert referees. The series is also supported by an international advisory board that includes a select group of specialists, academics and researchers.

 Emirates Lecture Series (محاضرات الإمارات)
The Emirates Lecture Series is published in both Arabic and English. It is a selection of the papers presented at regular lectures organized by the Center and features the work of senior officials, reputed researchers, intellectuals and academics who hail from diverse disciplines and different parts of the world. This series aims to enrich constructive dialogue and make it more meaningful.

  Strategic Studies (دراسات استراتيجية)
Three referees, who possess specialized academic experience, review the papers of this monograph series. It is concerned with publishing political, economic, social, and strategic military studies in accordance with recognized academic practices. The advisory board for this series includes an exclusive group of professors from the Arab world who combine intellectual excellence with long-standing experience in the fields of university teaching, academic research and expert consultancy.

International Studies (دراسات عالمية)
This series is concerned with publishing translations of the most significant studies that appear in international periodicals in various foreign languages and those that are published by notable strategic research centers in the world. It also publishes studies written by world politicians and writers on subjects falling within the Center's fields of special interest.

 How to Buy
Purchasing of the ECSSR titles and subscribing to the monograph series may be done directly at the ECSSR Bookshop located in the Center's office complex in Abu Dhabi. Alternatively, purchase orders and subscription forms can be sent to the following address:
The Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research
Distribution and Exhibitions Division
P.O. Box 4567, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tel: (+971-2) 4044444 / 4044445
Fax: (+971-2) 4044443

Purchases and subscription can also be done through the ECSSR website (www.ecssr.ae). Most ECSSR publications are also available in electronic format (e-books).

The Center's publications are available at major bookstores and book distribution outlets in the UAE and in most countries around the world.

 Payment Details
- Payments are accepted either in UAE dirhams or US dollars, made payable to the ECSSR. 
- For orders in the UAE, payments by cash, checks and bank transfers are accepted. 
- For overseas orders, payments by bank transfers, including expenses, are accepted. 
- In case of bank transfers, please remit the net value of the required publications to ECSSR Account No: 1950050565, National Bank of Abu Dhabi, UAE. Kindly send a copy of the remittance advice receipt to the aforementioned fax number. 
- For online purchases, payment can be made through a Visa Card or a Master Card.