Emirates Lecture Series - English

Unsuccessful Mediation Efforts in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict: A Potential Silver Lining?

Authored by: Gulshan Pashayeva

The Armenian–Azerbaijani dispute over the Nagorno–Karabakh region continues to thre... more »

The Future of political Religious Groups: Insights from The Mirage

Authored by: Jamal Sanad Al-Suwaidi

In a supplemental analysis to The Mirage, the comprehensive scholarly review of political relig... more »

The Globalization of Terrorism and the Future of the World Order

Authored by: Lord Carlile of Berriew CBE, QC

Since the September 11 attacks, there has been a discernible transformation in the nature and e... more »

The "Waltz" With Iran: Strategic Consideration for US-Iranian Rapprochement

Authored by: Gilles Kepel

This research paper pins the potential of any US-Iran rapprochement against the backdrop of con... more »

South Asian Nuclear Deterrence Instability: Challenges and Opportunities

Authored by: Haider Mullick

This study highlights the impact that nuclear weapons have had on Indo-Pakistan relations. Rese... more »

The Civic Orientations of Arab Publics: Selected Findings from the Arab Barometer

Authored by: Mark Tessler

This paper uses public opinion data collected as part of the Arab Barometer Survey Project to r... more »

Environmental Successes and Challenges in the United Arab Emirates

Authored by: Terrence Pierson  -  Camille Heaton

The beauty and environmental wealth of the UAE benefit citizens of the country. Although there ... more »

Formulating an Arab Approach to Maritime Security

Authored by: Ahmed Salem Saleh Al-Wahishi

Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are facing threats to their maritime security in light... more »

Iran's Expanding Relations with China and their Strategic Dimensions

Authored by: Manochehr Dorraj

As two great civilizations with a long history of economic and cultural ties that go back more ... more »

Security Responses to Piracy in Southeast Asia, West Africa and Somalia

Authored by: Martin N. Murphy

The pirates of Somalia have shaken the maritime world. They have mounted what amounts to the mo... more »

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