Ahmad Abdel Aziz Al-Jarallah

Mr. Ahmad Al-Jarallah began his career in 1962 as a journalist with Al-Ra'i Al-A'am newspaper in Kuwait, eventually becoming Managing Editor and Deputy Editor-in-Chief. In 1965, he left Al-Rai'i Al-A'am to join the weekly magazine Al-Seyassah as its Editor-in-Chief. Under his tenure, the publication achieved remarkable success. In 1968, he became its owner, and upon his request the official authorities agreed  to transfer its license from that of a weekly magazine to a daily newspaper.

On April 8, 1968, the first issue of the daily Al-Seyassah newspaper appeared and the newspaper is still being published today. Mr. Al-Jarallah has succeeded in consolidating Al-Seyassah into a major media group, which also publishes the English-language Arab Times newspaper and the weekly magazine Al-Hadaf.

Mr. Al-Jarallah is one of the prominent and distinguished editors-in-chief in the field. He has succeeded in making his publications an integral part of local and Arab political life, whether in terms of active participation or in shaping public opinion. Mr. Al-Jarallah maintains close relations with many local, regional, and international political elites and decision-making centers.